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Oracle Database Support Services
At Smart Biz World we use strict and extensive tested operational standards on the systems we support to ensure smooth running and 24x7 availability of all oracle systems. We are also flexible to adhere to your operational standards. We perform full assessment at start and then at regular intervals and provide you with detailed documented findings and recommendations.

Our database support services include:

Pro-active Database Monotoring
Our packages are from basic to 24x7 databases monitoring service, with our monitoring and alerting processes, we can resolve potential issues before they occur.

General health checks monitoring
We setup daily database health checks to ensure database environment is secure and with optimal performance, we perform regular capacity planning to ensure future business growth needs are catered for.

Database builds
We use well proven and tested procedures and standards to build database environments.

Security and auditing package
We ensure unauthorised access is prevented and regular audit reports are generated to monitor authorised access at application level, we work with you to setup roles and user profiles to ensure only required access is allowed per individual user or group of priviledged users.

Database upgrades and patching - We schedule database upgrades and CPU patching on all development, uat and production environments to ensure your databases and application servers are up-to-date and secure.

Building testing environments - We can build test environments and refresh development and uat databases and applications servers with production copy for oracle application tests. We can also assist in performing application tests.
DR and fail-over - We can assist with performing production DR tests and failover/failback at regular bases.

Backups and Recovery solutions - We setup optimised oracle backups solution. We monitor and perform daily checks to ensure successful run of backups. We use our well defined backups and recovery tested procedures for database recoveries.

Performance Monitiring and tuning - We take proactive role on performance of databases and generate daily reports to report on performance. We advise and take corrective action before issues arise.

Currently we support Oracle production versions: 8i, 9i,10g and latest release of 11g.

Oracle Application Servers

We specialise in monitoring and managing all Oracle supported Application Servers, including Application Server installation, configuration and tuning of application servers.

Smart Biz World also support, setup, development and maintenance of APEX environments.

Currently we support Oracle Application Server versions: 9ias and 10gas.
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